Computer Science Theories, Methods and Applications

Editorial board

  1. Xinchao Zhao - Editor-in-Chief
    School of Science
    Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
    Beijing, 100876, CHINA
  2. P. R. Vishwakarma - Managing Editor
    Ph.D., INDIA
  3. Sa'ed Rasmi Abed
    Computer Engineering Department
    Faculty of Engineering
    Hashemite University
  4. Serkan Araci
    Ataturk Street, 31290 Hatay
  5. Marcelo Finger
    Department of Computer Science
    Institute of Mathematics and Statistics
    University of Sao Paulo
  6. Ilya Gertsbakh
    Mathematics Department
    Ben Gurion University
  7. Mohammad S. Obaidat
    Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering
    Monmouth University
    U. S. A.
  8. Angel F. Tenorio
    Dept. Economics, Quantitative Methods and Economic History
    Pablo de Olavide University
  9. Shuqing Zhang
    Northeast Institute of Geography and Agricultural Ecology
    Chinese Academy of Sciences